For Millennials to Middle Age—and Beyond! Creative Model for Homebuyers of All Generations Launches


March 10, 2015

For Millennials to Middle Age—and Beyond!

Creative Model for Homebuyers of All Generations

Launches in Portland Metro

Under One Roof: Traditional and Hi Tech Ways to Secure a Mortgage Loan

Skyline Home Loans NW, Expands to Tigard, Adding Jobs and Training

PORTLAND, Ore. — Homebuyers who remember rotary telephones, Happy Days and Bubblicious Gum, probably prefer a traditional home buying experience—lots of face-to-face meetings with their real estate agent and mortgage lender. However, those who prefer communicating via Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat likely prefer buying a home with a more tech driven model and less face-to-face interaction.

Skyline Home Loans NW is crossing the generational divide and offering choices for the homebuyer who wants a traditional hand-held approach to mortgage lending, or the homebuyer more comfortable with friendly online-only interaction.

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Ken Maes, Divisional VP Skyline Home Loans NW

“We decided it was time to modify the old models and address the changes in lending and who is buying,” said VP Ken Maes, Skyline Home Loans NW. “The traditional, face-to-face lending experience is what many people still prefer, as they’re walked through every step in obtaining a mortgage. Our New Leaf Lending platform is all online, and caters to today’s younger customer.”

Two Options, One New Roof

The Westside office, located in Tigard, Oregon will house both Skyline Home Loans NW and New Leaf Lending. The creative model is also a nod to recruiting, where the company can bring in highly qualified, newer professionals who want to learn about the industry. Yet the seasoned mortgage professional will feel right at home with the traditional model.

New Leaf, New Model

Intelligence Mortgage Platform (IMP) is the engine that powers New Leaf Lending. The model has the entire mortgage process online—user-friendly technology with a human touch.

  • 24/7 view of the home loan in real-time process.
  • Access to real-time market data.
  • Secure e-Vault provided to store personal documents.
  • Plain language answers to common questions.
  • Call-in concierge support when needed.

Now Hiring

The expansion to the west side of the Portland Metro area means opportunities for both experienced and entry-level mortgage professionals to work for the same company. “We’ve put together a creative model where we can bring in highly qualified candidates who want to break into the mortgage industry,” said Maes. “We’re hoping to hire around 20 people in our New Leaf division and ten in our Skyline Home Loans NW office.

About Skyline Home Loans, NW

Skyline Home Loans NW, based in the Portland Metro area, is a division of Skyline

Financial Corporation, a lending and technology company serving the mortgage industry since 1985, and listed as one of the top performing independent mortgage companies in

America, for the past three years, 2012, 2013, 2014, by Mortgage Executive Magazine. The NW division offers all the benefits of the nation’s premier independent mortgage lender—financial strength, competitive rates, and innovative tools—yet continues to operate as a small, local company with deep roots in the communities it serves, including branches in Oregon, Washington, and Northern California. For more information, visit

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